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Art Classes, Workshops and Paint Parties
Xtal Art™ Studios offers private for those who prefer one-on-one attention and group art classes for those who would like to share the creative experience with family and friends.

Paint Party - Xtal Art™ Studios help to make your event memorable byt bringing the paint session to you and your guests.

Corporate Art Workshop - Xtal Art™ Studios art workshops are a perfect addition to your corporate retreat or a great way to present your employees with a fun and creative, stress relieving outlet.

All sessions are offered in person or virtually.


Original Fine Art Pieces
Xtal Art™ Studios can create original, framed, fine art pieces for your home, your office or any space that you enjoy.

Corporate Logo Watercolor Renderings
Xtal Art™ Studios can create wotercolor rederings of any type of corporate identity (logo). These renderings can be used for special projects within the company or a special event for the company.

Custom Art-Cards, Notecards, Invitations and Personal Stationery
Xtal Art™ Studios can meet your custom art and graphics needs. We can create custom stationery designs for every occasion - from weddings to business events.

Keepsake Pieces
Xtal Art™ can provide you with a nicely packaged custom, limited edition, fine art print that you can present to your guests as a framable keepsake -
from weddings to business events.

Environmental/Large Format Wall Art and Graphics
Xtal Art™ Studios is able to instill vibrancy and joy by adding Xtal Art™ style artwork in - your commercial space, your home – almost any kind of establishment with wall space – with wall wraps or original art murals.

Please call for more details - artist@xtalart.com or 305.336.2012.


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